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Whats the storage conditions of hyaluronic acid?

The main component of hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide colloidal material, which cannot accept high temperature environment, high temperature environment will lead to the decomposition of hyaluronic acid and lose its effect, human use will cause the effect to maintain a short time, local puff up not full, etc.The storage conditions for hyaluronic acid are generally 2-25°C, with an optimal temperature of 10°C. Avoid direct sunlight, and cold chain transportation is recommended during transportation, which can be refrigerated, but freezing is prohibited. During the exchange of hyaluronic acid injections, strict asepsis should be carried out to avoid bacterial contamination of the hyaluronic acid product. If a box of hyaluronic acid cannot be used up at one time, it can be stored for the next use in the sense of strict aseptic practice. It is recommended that the interval is not too long. It is generally not recommended to exceed 3 days and always look carefully for deterioration before using again.

Do I need to clear customs for these imported hyaluronic acid fillers products?

Normally, you are responsible for the customs clearance of the product. Customs Clearance Process1.Order exchange2. Electronic declarationComputerized pre-recording, order review, dispatch, contact with customs/release.3. InspectionAfter the release of the electronic declaration, one of the four copies of the customs declaration will be used to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for quotation procedures and issue the customs clearance form or knock the three inspection seals.4. On-site handover slipCustoms on-site handover order.5. InspectionAccording to the supervision conditions of the declared name of the goods, the customs will give inspection with the probability of inspection on the same day, if there is inspection, an inspection notice will be issued.6.Customs release

Can I get Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers in local? Or will it be shipped to me by air, sea or land?

You can only buy very small quantities from local agent. Normally, products are shipped from our factory and can arrive by air in 7-10 days. You can also choose other shipping options, but times will be fluctuated.The following are the four major international logistics express time limits as well as the postal and ocean special time limits. 1. UPS International ExpressUPS time is about 2-5 working days, the fastest two days can arrive in the United States from China. To other countries, the time limit will be relatively slow. To Europe and America is relatively fast, fly the United States has the advantage of priority flights to the United States. The price is relatively favorable!2. DHL International ExpressDHL2-5 working days to arrive at the destination, the speed is actually similar to the domestic, the logistics channel is suitable for mailing urgent and valuable items. Fast time! Recommended!3. Fedex International ExpressFedex under normal circumstances 2-4 working days to arrive, Fedex international express to the United States and surrounding areas is also relatively fast, the time limit in 3-5 working days. The time limit in Southeast Asia is relatively fast.4. TNT International ExpressTNT, to European countries in 3-6 working days, TNT International Express is cost-effective express delivery channels, medium freight costs, fast, for the shippers who send are general cargo, then choose TNT International Express delivery is very good. Shipping costs are cheap!5. International PostThe timeliness of MES is relatively unstable, in general, depending on the region in about 7-15 working days, the advantage is that the mailable items are abundant, such as snacks, cosmetics, books and other such sensitive goods can be mailed. Efficient customs clearance!6. Sea freightThe price of sea freight is relatively cheap, and the time limit is relatively slow, 18-22 days for fast ships to Europe and America, and up to 2 months for slow ships, and the transport time will be postponed accordingly according to the places to be transported.

How long will it take to get my goods after ordering?

This is determined by the stock of our factory.1.When we have finished products we deliver in about 3 days, 2.When we have semi-finished products we deliver in about a week.3.When we have no semi-finished products it usually takes about 25 days. In addition, export customs clearance can take around 3 days. The time taken for import clearance depends on your country.

How to inject Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers?

Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers are injected in the same way as commercially available hyaluronic acid fillers, so please follow the strict treatment criteria. Three major considerations for hyaluronic acid injections.1. Must be familiar with the subcutaneous anatomical structure, must know the injection level.2. Before the injection, you can inhale a certain amount of saline inside the needle, and then after piercing into the subcutaneous, perform a backdraw to see if there is any blood to avoid the blood vessels.3. The biggest advantage of using a blunt needle for injection is that even if it touches a blood vessel, it can easily slide away, increasing the safety of the injection. The biggest reason for doing this is to ensure, as far as possible, that no blood is injected into the blood vessels and to prevent embolism.

Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or hydrafacial for my customers?

Dermal fillers can be injected into your clients when you have the necessary qualifications to do so and a qualified operating environment.Please follow the instructions exactly. Pre-operative precautions.1. No make-up should be applied to the injection site before surgery.2. Make sure there is no inflammation at the injection site before surgery, such as folliculitis, etc.3. Take photos before surgery for post-operative comparison.4. Make sure to ask the patient if she is preparing for pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding before the procedure.Post-injection precautions.1. Avoid bumpsIt is important to avoid bumps and kneading of the injection site for a week after the hyaluronic acid injection. If the injection site is accidentally bumped, we must go to the hospital for repair and rescue.2. Avoid heatAfter hyaluronic acid injections, it is important to avoid hot environments. The stability of newly injected hyaluronic acid is not very good. In a hot environment, hyaluronic acid tends to soften, leading to a greater impact of hyaluronic acid mobility on the plastic effect and, in severe cases, the risk of freeing. Therefore, after hyaluronic acid injection, recreational activities such as steam, sauna and spa must be avoided.3. Avoid contact with woundsAlthough the hyaluronic acid injection is only a small wound, this small wound takes 6 hours to heal itself. It is important to avoid touching our wound with our hands 6 hours after the hyaluronic acid injection, otherwise injured bacteria can enter our skin and cause redness, itching and ulcers on the skin at the injection site, a point that many beauty seekers tend to overlook.4. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin are prohibitedMinor signs of redness, swelling or bruising are unlikely to occur after hyaluronic acid injections. Many people want to use drugs such as aspirin to reduce inflammation. However, anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin have a clotting effect on our blood and can aggravate the symptoms of bruising on the skin at the injection site. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the post.5. Eat lightly after the procedureAfter hyaluronic acid injections, remember to eat a light diet. If your diet is too stimulating, it can seriously affect the recovery effect and progress after hyaluronic acid injection. Foods and hair that are too spicy can hinder our body's absorption of hyaluronic acid analysis and affect the recovery results.

Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or Mesotherapy for myself?

Hyaluronic acid injection relies most on the doctor's technical means and the doctor's experience, in addition to the material used for injection is also very, very important. It is necessary to inquire an experienced specialist, find a regular doctor, and use regular materials for injection in order to get good results. Post-operative precautions. 1. Avoid water on the injection site on the day after surgery and avoid sleeping face down or squeezing the injection site on the first night after treatment.2. Apply cold compresses for 24 hours after surgery and avoid drinking alcohol.3. If the injection site is slightly uneven within a week after surgery, you can apply slight pressure with your fingertips.4. Slight local redness and swelling after surgery are normal reactions and do not require special treatment. If the local redness, swelling and pain increase significantly, it is recommended to contact the doctor immediately to see if special treatment is needed.5. The maintenance time after hyaluronic acid injection is usually around six months to a year (individual products reach one and a half years). Each person reacts differently to hyaluronic acid and fine adjustments are needed to achieve the best results, so patients need to be reviewed in 2 weeks to provide a reference for the next injection to achieve the best results. It is recommended to follow up again in 6 months to see if another injection is needed.

How to purchuse Hyamax® dermal fillers and Mesotherapy for face?

As a hyaluronic acid dermal filler manufacturer, Hyamed is willing to serve every entrepreneur or individual consumer.Hyamax® Dermal Fillers and Mesotherapy for face support wholesale and custom orders. We do not set a minimum quantity for orders and will ship you even one product. If you don't have your own brand, become one of hyamax®. If you have your own brand, hyamax® would be the perfect supplier for you.It's time to contact us directly and we will create a customised ordering solution for you.Email: info@hyamax.comWhatsapp:+8618902865714Wechat: Haymax-S006Facebook: HyamaxInstagram: laboratories.hyamed

How long will Hyamax® hyaluronic acid fillers last after injection?

Hyamax® Dermal Fillers Cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal fillers last between 6-12 months, monophasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers such as Hyamax® Volumizer can last up to 18 months. Hyamax® Mesotherapy For Face Mesotherapy is non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid with no BDDE, so it will be metabolised more quickly. It usually lasts for about 3 months. Hyaluronic acid is an acidic mucopolysaccharide found in all tissues and fluids of the body, a large part of which is located in the dermis of the human skin, where it acts as an intercellular filler and is one of the most abundant substrates in the dermis, which is the reason why the dermis provides constant moisture to the epidermis.After entering the dermis, hyaluronic acid hydrates with the cells and is gradually absorbed and metabolised by the body as time passes. In general, hyaluronic acid lasts between 6 and 18 months. This is positively correlated with the degree of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid. The greater the degree of cross-linking, the slower the degradation of hyaluronic acid, the longer it will last, and the larger the particles of hyaluronic acid, the longer it will last.The absorption of hyaluronic acid then varies depending on our rate of metabolism. The metabolism is also affected by our personal constitution and lifestyle habits. Generally speaking, staying up late and drinking alcohol will affect our metabolism, and hyaluronic acid absorption may be faster for people who stay up late and drink a lot.The amount and depth of hyaluronic acid injections, the location of the injections, and the skill of the doctor will also affect the maintenance time.

How long does it take for Hyamax® dermal fillers injections to take effect?

The time taken for hyaluronic acid injections depends on the number of injections. Generally, for normal fillers, one hyaluronic acid will be injected in about 8 to 15 minutes. One hyaluronic acid is usually 1mL or 2mL, with smaller doses being injected faster and larger doses being injected more slowly.However, it should be understood that the speed of injection will vary depending on the fine structure required. If there is a shortage of relatively safe locations, the pushing speed will be faster. At the end of the dose, when the local morphology is being refined, the dose will be slower, and repeated punctures, mainly to adjust the local unevenness and the surrounding morphology, will slow down the injection rate.Depending on your volume needs, most Hyamax® Dermal Fillers treatments last less than an hour and begin to work almost immediately, adding volume to smooth out wrinkles.Hyamax® Mesotherapy for face shows visible results within a week of treatment, hydrating and brightening to repair and tighten your skin and fill fine line and dry lines.Temporary slight redness, swelling and itching may occur after hyaluronic acid injections; the injection site has a soft and flabby feel to the touch. This is a normal phenomenon that will occur after the injection. Also these discomfort will usually disappear after a few days.

What is the Hyamax® series products? What are the differences between the them?

Hyamax® series products are divided into two main ranges, dermal fillers and mesotherapy. Each of these contains different products to precisely treat various wrinkles and depressions on your face and body as well as to obtain healthier and hydrated skin.Hyamax® Extra Deep is used for mid and deep dermis injection for scars repair, deep wrinkles, or facial tissue augmentation, like nose bridge, cheek and chin.Hyamax® Lips is used for lip defects or volume enhancement.Hyamax® Deep is used for a mid and deep facial tissue augmentation to correct moderate and severe face wrinkles and folds, like upper eyelid, temporal zone, nasolabial folds and perioral wrinkles.Hyamax® Volumizer is used for cheek augmentation to correct age-related volume deficit in the mid-face and for augmentation of the chin region to improve the chin profile.Hyamax® Contour is intended for treatment of body rhytides and lipoatrophy. Hyamax® Pure is used for superficial fine lines and wrinkles of face, neck and back of hands.Hyamax® Skin Booster is used for reducing the lines and wrinkles, hydrating and improving the skin of face and neck.Hyamax® Hyavital is used for hydrating, tightening and lifting the skin like the facial sagging, neck lines, skin aging. Hyamax® HA18 Mesotherapy helps to moisturize, smooth and delicate your skin, impoove skin radiance, fade fine lines and dry lines for you.Hyamax® PDRN Mesotherapy can anti-inflammation, anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, repair skin, improve skin radiance and tighten skin.Hyamax® COGN Mesotherapy with the effect of moisturizing, anti wrinkle, tightening, repairing, elasticty and plumpness.

How to have cupid bow lips?

The cupid bow lips are bow shaped lips with the double curve of the upper lip, resembling the bow of Cupid, Roman god of love. The upper lip is believed to be most attractive when it is well-defined and when the two sides look the same. Everyone's facial structure is different, and so is everyone's ideal lip shape and size.  With the injection of Hyamax® Lips Filler, the native lip shape can be adjusted. It naturally adds volume and contour to the lips to achieve the perfect lip shape. Precautions after hyaluronic acid treatment for lips.  1. Don't touch or massage your lips.2. Prohibit hot activities such as sauna and hot spring bath.3. Don't have strenuous exercise and reduce sweating. Prevent the occurrence of infection due to the stimulation of sweat on the wound, and keep the wound dry after surgery.  4. Avoid smoking and drinking before the wound has recovered and do not make too exaggerated expressions.   5. You should also pay attention to your diet. Don't eat foods that are too cold, too hot or too spicy. Those irritating foods will have an effect on the wound healing.6. If the swelling is not severe, it will disappear on its own with time; if it is severe, you should follow up with the hospital and don't take painkillers without permission. 

What is hyaluronic acid dermal filler?

In the dermis of human skin, there is a gel-like substance. It is responsible for storing water, adding volume to the skin, keeping it full and plump, and giving collagen its elasticity. It is an essential component in maintaining healthy, youthful skin and is known as hyaluronic acid. However, as we age, hyaluronic acid is lost and the skin loses its ability to store water, so the complexion becomes dull and saggy, and small lines form.Since the body loses hyaluronic acid, is it possible to regenerate it in the skin? Depending on the patient's condition, different hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are chosen to be injected into different areas and depths, which can effectively restore wrinkles and depressions to a youthful state. Does hyaluronic acid in the body remain constant?1. The amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is highest during embryonic life, but decreases after birth.2. The retention rate of hyaluronic acid in the body is 80% to 100% between the ages of 0 and 20.3. After the age of 25, the retention rate of hyaluronic acid in the body is 65%.4. 45% of hyaluronic acid is retained after the age of 505. At the age of 60, the retention rate is only about 25%.Specific uses of hyaluronic acid fillers:1. For the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and between the eyebrows.2. Lip augmentation, lip lines, lip shaping sedan chair.3. Comprehensive rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty.4. Chin augmentation, jaw asymmetry sedan correction.5. Filling trauma or acne dermal depression scars.6. Facial contour correction, temporal collapse filling, eyebrow augmentation, cheek augmentation.7. Improve severe skin dehydration and dryness.

What causes wrinkles?

1. AgeingThis is the most important cause of wrinkles. The formation of wrinkles is a sign of ageing and the relentlessness of time exposes age to all. The formation of wrinkles is mainly due to internal causes. The ageing of body cells is the most fundamental cause of wrinkles in middle-aged and older women. It is a law of genetics that as we age, cellular activity gradually decreases and metabolic capacity weakens, resulting in the number of new cells increasing at a slower rate than the rate of cellular ageing, low hydration capacity of ageing cells and increased photo-ageing, leading to a decrease in skin shrinkage and moisturisation, aggravating the deterioration of fibrous tissue and making the skin dry and prone to fine lines. In addition, skin ageing is also accompanied by the decline of the sweat gland system and insufficient sebum secretion, which aggravates skin damage and dryness and induces wrinkles.2、UV raysSunlight is the enemy of the skin, even in winter, excessive exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays will also hurt the dermis, making it dry to form small fractures, the performance of the external is a small wrinkles.3、MovementsHabitual facial movements can exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles. For example, people who like to contemplate have more forehead wrinkles between the eyebrows; those who are emotionally charged and love to cry and laugh are prone to eye wrinkles, etc.4、Weight fluctuationWhen the skin "eats" fat and then suddenly loses weight within a short period of time, the skin will be significantly loosened and wrinkles will be produced.5. DefectsDental defects cause the skin around the mouth to sag. Wrinkles are a prominent example.6、Improper maintenanceOver-cleansing or moisturising can cause wrinkles on the skin. Dry skin feels tight, oily skin becomes more greasy, is a sign of excessive cleaning, such as massage because of too heavy or wrong direction, too many times of mask, skin care products cosmetics applied too heavy, cleansing products, cleansing Wan style is not right, etc. will lead to rough skin, wrinkles increase.7, not enough rest.Insomnia and staying up late or sleeping in the wrong position, most directly reflected in the face, long-term down, the aging traces will become more intense.8, partial foodModern technology has found that food entering the organism will produce two different reactions, acidic and alkaline. In daily life, physiological acidic foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cereals and so on; physiological alkaline foods include vegetables, fruits, honey and so on. In daily life, attention should be paid to the combination of the two, otherwise, over-eating physiological acidic food will easily make the body lactic acid, phosphoric acid accumulation, due to the erosion of the skin by acid, thus promoting the appearance of wrinkles. If you eat too much physiological alkaline food, it is easy to make the skin less acidic, so that bacteria can take advantage of it, resulting in easy skin infection.9、Drinking alcoholExcessive alcohol consumption affects the secretion of hormones in the body, thus accelerating skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.10、SmokingSmoking increases wrinkles because the carbon monoxide in smoke is stronger than oxygen in its adhesion to red blood cells. When carbon monoxide adheres to the surface of red blood cells, it causes a state of oxygen deprivation in the tissue and skin. In addition, the smoke in the harmful or points constantly infringing on the blood vessels, affecting the blood circulation of the skin, thus making the skin lose elasticity and lustre, wrinkles also appear and increase.