What causes wrinkles?

What causes wrinkles?

What causes wrinkles?
1. Ageing

This is the most important cause of wrinkles. The formation of wrinkles is a sign of ageing and the relentlessness of time exposes age to all. The formation of wrinkles is mainly due to internal causes. The ageing of body cells is the most fundamental cause of wrinkles in middle-aged and older women. It is a law of genetics that as we age, cellular activity gradually decreases and metabolic capacity weakens, resulting in the number of new cells increasing at a slower rate than the rate of cellular ageing, low hydration capacity of ageing cells and increased photo-ageing, leading to a decrease in skin shrinkage and moisturisation, aggravating the deterioration of fibrous tissue and making the skin dry and prone to fine lines. In addition, skin ageing is also accompanied by the decline of the sweat gland system and insufficient sebum secretion, which aggravates skin damage and dryness and induces wrinkles.

2、UV rays

Sunlight is the enemy of the skin, even in winter, excessive exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays will also hurt the dermis, making it dry to form small fractures, the performance of the external is a small wrinkles.


Habitual facial movements can exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles. For example, people who like to contemplate have more forehead wrinkles between the eyebrows; those who are emotionally charged and love to cry and laugh are prone to eye wrinkles, etc.

4、Weight fluctuation

When the skin "eats" fat and then suddenly loses weight within a short period of time, the skin will be significantly loosened and wrinkles will be produced.

5. Defects

Dental defects cause the skin around the mouth to sag. Wrinkles are a prominent example.

6、Improper maintenance

Over-cleansing or moisturising can cause wrinkles on the skin. Dry skin feels tight, oily skin becomes more greasy, is a sign of excessive cleaning, such as massage because of too heavy or wrong direction, too many times of mask, skin care products cosmetics applied too heavy, cleansing products, cleansing Wan style is not right, etc. will lead to rough skin, wrinkles increase.

7, not enough rest.

Insomnia and staying up late or sleeping in the wrong position, most directly reflected in the face, long-term down, the aging traces will become more intense.

8, partial food

Modern technology has found that food entering the organism will produce two different reactions, acidic and alkaline. In daily life, physiological acidic foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cereals and so on; physiological alkaline foods include vegetables, fruits, honey and so on. In daily life, attention should be paid to the combination of the two, otherwise, over-eating physiological acidic food will easily make the body lactic acid, phosphoric acid accumulation, due to the erosion of the skin by acid, thus promoting the appearance of wrinkles. If you eat too much physiological alkaline food, it is easy to make the skin less acidic, so that bacteria can take advantage of it, resulting in easy skin infection.

9、Drinking alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption affects the secretion of hormones in the body, thus accelerating skin ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.


Smoking increases wrinkles because the carbon monoxide in smoke is stronger than oxygen in its adhesion to red blood cells. When carbon monoxide adheres to the surface of red blood cells, it causes a state of oxygen deprivation in the tissue and skin. In addition, the smoke in the harmful or points constantly infringing on the blood vessels, affecting the blood circulation of the skin, thus making the skin lose elasticity and lustre, wrinkles also appear and increase.