Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or hydrafacial for my customers?

Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or hydrafacial for my customers?

Can I inject Hyamax® dermal fillers or hydrafacial for my customers?

Dermal fillers can be injected into your clients when you have the necessary qualifications to do so and a qualified operating environment.

Please follow the instructions exactly.

Pre-operative precautions.

1. No make-up should be applied to the injection site before surgery.

2. Make sure there is no inflammation at the injection site before surgery, such as folliculitis, etc.

3. Take photos before surgery for post-operative comparison.

4. Make sure to ask the patient if she is preparing for pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding before the procedure.

Post-injection precautions.
1. Avoid bumps
It is important to avoid bumps and kneading of the injection site for a week after the hyaluronic acid injection. If the injection site is accidentally bumped, we must go to the hospital for repair and rescue.

2. Avoid heat
After hyaluronic acid injections, it is important to avoid hot environments. The stability of newly injected hyaluronic acid is not very good. In a hot environment, hyaluronic acid tends to soften, leading to a greater impact of hyaluronic acid mobility on the plastic effect and, in severe cases, the risk of freeing. Therefore, after hyaluronic acid injection, recreational activities such as steam, sauna and spa must be avoided.

3. Avoid contact with wounds
Although the hyaluronic acid injection is only a small wound, this small wound takes 6 hours to heal itself. It is important to avoid touching our wound with our hands 6 hours after the hyaluronic acid injection, otherwise injured bacteria can enter our skin and cause redness, itching and ulcers on the skin at the injection site, a point that many beauty seekers tend to overlook.

4. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin are prohibited
Minor signs of redness, swelling or bruising are unlikely to occur after hyaluronic acid injections. Many people want to use drugs such as aspirin to reduce inflammation. However, anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin have a clotting effect on our blood and can aggravate the symptoms of bruising on the skin at the injection site. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the post.

5. Eat lightly after the procedure
After hyaluronic acid injections, remember to eat a light diet. If your diet is too stimulating, it can seriously affect the recovery effect and progress after hyaluronic acid injection. Foods and hair that are too spicy can hinder our body's absorption of hyaluronic acid analysis and affect the recovery results.